Tom Callinan Programs

Tom Callinan & Ann Shapiro

America The Beautiful: Environmental Hootenanny


American Heritage Series
Participatory Programs For All Ages


Tom Callinan has developed an environmental hootenanny, containing participatory songs and stories about human interaction with the natural world.  The celebrated folksinger, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and activist provides an alternative to "hard news" with lighthearted, singable, thought-provoking songs, stories, and activities that celebrate nature, as well as those that concentrate on specific environmental issues: recycling, sewage, solid waste, litter, rainforest preservation, critical habitat, saving whales, marine environment (including Long Island Sound), soil conservation, coral reefs, rivers - among others.

An excellent springboard for stimulating classroom (nature center, museum, etc.) discussions, they can also serve as catalysts for self/group empowerment. Mr. Callinan's demonstration of several homemade and/or "found" musical instruments extends the music-making to teachers  and students as follow-ups to his presentation.

Related recordings: "Let's Clean Up Our Act: Songs For The Earth" (cassette and accompanying lyrics/ideas booklet package) featuring husband and wife duo, Tom Callinan and Ann Shapiro, is available at $15.,  and/or " Earth Revival " their 18-song compilation CD @ $17.00; prices include shipping.

"Callinan and Shapiro's lyrics ... are as direct and uncompromising as their vocals, covering gardens and garbage, 'Pollution' and  'Mother Ocean'." - Catherine Cella, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE