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T.C. reprising his 1993 "Thanks To Wyland" song as the sound-bed for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Wyland's Brand-New Whaling Wall in New London (4/4/23) 30 years later The Day

T.C. short interview for 42 nd CT Storytelling Festival (2023) YouTube link:

January edition of The Doughboy Foundation's bulletin, The Dispatch ,
with video of my original World War I-related songs, recorded at Community Voice Channel in Bolton.

A ) " Good Riddance To 2020 "
and B ) " The Home-Sick Blues "

It features my "Year Of The Submarine" [© 2016 - Cannu Yusic, Ltd.] song as the sound-bed
for a montage of the many, many activities at yesterday's Centennial Birthday Party for the
Naval Sub Base at Groton, CT. It was an honor to be a part of this great celebration,
and kudos to The Day's Shelley Yang for her outstanding editing job.
Here's the YouTube link:

Singing "Connecticut Is More Than Just A Corridor" (from my Connecticut Troubadour CD):

Singing "Bridgeport By The Sea" (from my Connecticut Grown CD):

Singing "Connecticut's 9th" at the State Armory in Hartford, 2008:

Singing "Yankee Doodle" and "Samuel Huntington" at the Ancient Graveyard in Norwich, 2011:

Singing "Forgotten Presidents" and "Samuel Huntington" at the Ancient Graveyard in Norwich, 2012:!

Here are some links to TV shows that have featured me and my music:

Singing "Connecticut Grown" on CPTV's Working The Land documentary -

On CPTV's All Things Connecticut with Diane Smith (2009):

Singing "Christmas In Connecticut" on WTNH (Channel 8) Connecticut Style (2010) :

Singing "Poor Paddy Works On The Railway" on PBS' Shining Time Station (1989) :

Singing "Isaac Clifton Moses" at the Old Center Cemetery in Branford, CT (2005)

Tom teaches Stacy and Matt + Tonya to play the spoons at the end of this Shining Time Station clip (1989)

Tom and Ann Musical interview by Dolly Curtis (1999):