Crackerbarrel Entertainments
Presents Songs, Tales, and Tunes
In Honor Of The Civil War's Sesquicentennial

Lot Therrio

Ann Shapiro & Tom Callinan

In honor of the 150th anniversary of The Civil War, Crackerbarrel Entertainments has developed a program of stories and songs devoted to that era. The program can consist of one, two, or all three performers, thus making it affordable to most prospective sponsors.

Tom Callinan and Ann Shapiro's repertoire includes songs and tunes from both the Union and Confederacy, and their stories (solo or in-tandem) are those that the soldiers told around their campfires. Tom and Ann's entertaining and informative narrative style brings audiences of all ages into the performance with catchy choruses, interesting anecdotes, and an assortment of musical instruments from the string, wind, and percussion families. Special attention is paid to passing on the fundamentals of the age-old art of spoon-playing to contemporary folk.

Lot Therrio is a storyteller, psychotherapist and minister, who tells stories from the African-American perspective. One of the highlights of Lot's presentation is a piece from James Lindsay Smith's autobiography. A run-away slave from Virginia, Mr. Smith came to live in Norwich, CT in 1842, and ran a shoemaking business and became a home-owner, both remarkable accomplishments for that time-period.
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Proud partners with Connecticut Civil War
Sesquicentennial Commemoration

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