Home Grown Photos - Tom Callinan and Ann Shapiro

Tom, Bobo & Ann at the Clinton Gazebo

Photos by Amy Lavorgna

The crowd begins to arrive

Ann, is that the hula?

Bobo & Ann

Ann on strum stick, Tom & Bobo

Tom mesmerizes the peanut gallery

Lovee, a lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Lovee is 2 years old

Avast there, Jack me boy...ARRRRR!



Tom, Ann & Bobo

Everybody sing along!

Tap those toes!

Pirate Tom

Wadda crowd!

Gig's over...but we have a short ride home!

Bobo? You can go home now...

Photos by Amy Lavorgna

Photo by Ken Manwiller

Photo by Ken Manwiller

Original illustration by Melissa Zorn-concept by Emmett Callinan

Illustration by Julia McCurdy 

Photo by Ken Manwiller