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TITLE: "Traditional Songs From The Dog Watch"
CODE # (BR 101)
$12.00 Cassette; $17.00 CD 

Side A

True Newfoundlanders
The Holy Ground
Once More
Three Men Went A'Hunting
The Leatherwing Bat
Frog Went A'Courting
The Tattooed Lady

Side B

The Golden Vanity
The Little Mohee
The Dundee Whaler
Constitution & The Guerriere
Go To Sea Once More


TITLE: "Iron Men & Wool Ships"
CODE # (BR 102)
$12.00 Cassette; $17.00 CD 

Side A

Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor
Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill
New York Girls “Legs Routine”
Whaling Johnny
The Battleship
Maine Skye Boat Song
Loch Lomond/Scotland The Brave

Side B

The Dreadnaught
Leaving Of Liverpool
Whup Jamboree
Rolling Down To Old Maui
Blow Ye Winds
You Stole My Boots
John Kanaka A'Roving
Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her


TITLE: "A Sailor's Valentine"
CODE # (BR 103)
$12.00 Cassette; $17.00 CD 

Side A

Sally Racket
Quare Bungo Rye
Farewell To Nova Scotia
Gals Of Dublin Town
Go Lassie Go (Wild Mountain Thyme)
Farewell To Grog
The Fatal Curse Of Drink
Lowlands Of Holland
Black Velvet Band 
Botany Bay

Side B

Way Down In Dixie
The Meeting Of The Waters
Blood Red Roses
The Water Is Wide
Saro Jane
The Diamond Portland,
Blow The Candles Out
Rolling Home To Old New England
Fiddler's Green


TITLE: " In Search Of ‘THE WHALE' "

$17.00 CD 

1. Blow Ye Winds In The Morning Trad. 03:25
2. In Search Of ‘THE WHALE' T.C. 05:30
3. The Bowhead Song D.S. 02:43
4. Whalemen T.C. 02:31
5. The Diamond Trad. 03:57
6. A Whaler's Insights T.C. 04:18

7. The Connecticut Whaler D.S. 03:16
8. Man And Life T.C. 02:34
9. Way, Hey, Roll And Go D.S. 03:38
10. James Bartley T.C. 04:26
11. The Song Of The Whales D.S. 03:13
12. Clouds T.C. 03:12