Year Of The Submarine

Tom Callinan folksinger, songwriter, storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, and Arts-In-Education specialist has written more songs about Connecticut, past and present, than anyone in history. In 1991 he was designated Connecticut ' s first Official State Troubadour, via legislation passed by the Connecticut General Assembly, and signed into law by then Governor Lowell P. Weicker, Jr.

A feature article in The New London Day about Governor Dannel Malloy's designation of 2015 - 16 as "Submarine Century" inspired Tom to compose "The Year Of The Submarine." Tom debuted his new song at the Centennial Birthday Party for Naval Sub-Base Groton on June 21, 2016. For more on the Centennial celebration:

Shelly Yang, Visual Journalist for The New London Day used excerpts of Tom's live performance that day as the sound-bed for an outstanding montage of some of the highlights of the festivities:

Tom with Captain Paul Whitescarver, Commanding Office at Naval Sub-Base, Groton.


The response regarding "The Year Of The Submarine" has been overwhelmingly positive, from Sub-Vets, the Naval Sub-Command, Groton City Mayor Marian Galbraith, and the general public

Challenge coin presented to Tom by Captain Whitescarver.


The song is now available as a downloadable Pay-Per-Play (see link below)

One of Tom's earliest memories about submarines was a boyhood visit with his family to the USS Nautilus in Groton, and Tom credits that experience for creating this, and two other submarine - related songs, decades later. In 1998, a collaboration between Tom and 4th CT Troubadour Bill Pere resulted in the commissioning ballad for the USS Connecticut included on Tom's 2001 "Connecticut Grown" CD. In 2011, Tom's original song celebrating David Bushnell was included on his "Commemorations" CD. Bushnell's invention of "The Turtle" during the Revolutionary War led to his designation as the "Father Of The Sub-Surface Navy" , and a replica may be seen at the Connecticut River Museum in Essex.

During the Vietnam-Era, Tom served stateside in the United States Marine Corps, and after his honorable discharge, he taught English, Reading, and directed the chorus at East Hampton (CT) Junior High School. In 1977 he left the classroom to finish his Master's Degree at Wesleyan University, and embarked on a career as a full-time creative and performing artist, which continues to the present. The multi-faceted troubadour presents several hundred performances annually for tens of thousands of people, spanning nursery schools through nursing homes, throughout the Northeast and beyond.

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