Christmas In Connecticut
"Christmas In Connecticut" Is Available Throughout The Year

Since its debut in 2009, the lyrical beauty of Tom Callinan's "Christmas In Connecticut" has captured the imagination of "Nutmeggers" throughout the state … and beyond. Self-accompanied on acoustic guitar, five-string banjo, orchestra bells, and sleigh-bells, Tom performs with a style that's evocative of bygone days … like a Currier & Ives print set to music. Bob Nary, of Suite Audio in Clinton , recorded the song, and Madison's Tony Thomas provided bass. (This is a Link to Bob's Site)

Music aficionados have predicted that "Christmas In Connecticut" is destined to become a seasonal classic, along with his earlier "Christmas On The Shoreline" [available on his “Connecticut Grown” CD]

Although "Christmas In Connecticut" is included on Tom's "I'll Take New England Any Day" CD (link to order form):

it may be downloaded below as a 99¢ pay-per-play MP3 file from Crackerbarrel Entertainments.

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Christmas In Connecticut
By Tom Callinan © 2009 - Cannu Yusic, Ltd.

RREFRAIN: It's Christmas in Connecticut, from the Berkshires to the Sound,
And along each winding river, in each and every town.

Candle-lights a'twinkling behind the wavy glass
Of windows in colonial homes, which passersby drive past,
On their way to a country lane, where houses light their way,
And people come to gape and gaze from near and far away.

Carollers go door-to-door, bringing Christmas cheer;
Good-will and Peace to all the Earth, for merry folks to hear.
Even going out for groceries is pleasanter as well,
Because of people in the cold, reminding us with bells.

On Constitution Plaza, "The Festival Of Lights",
Is an awesome winter wonderland on the chilliest of nights.
And driving I-691, alone and after dark,
The joy from snowflakes in the trees flows out of Hubbard Park.

Some folks go to Bethlehem to stamp their Christmas cards,
And others visit Mystic, with its spars and masts and yards.
Some hop aboard with old St. Nick when he rides the Essex train,
Or march along by torchlight with fifes and drums on Saybrook's Main.

Towns and cities, large and small, light their Christmas trees,
And the hearty souls brave wind and cold for living nativities.
At sites throughout the Nutmeg State, dazzling displays
Await the throngs that venture out right up through 3 Kings Day.